The Equalizer™ Flange Integrity System

Xtegrity™, The Equalizer™ Flange Integrity System is a world first, providing a unique solution to the industry-wide issue of heavily corroded or degraded bolts within flange joints. Xtegrity™ is applicable to those concerned with flange maintenance or integrity issues. In scenarios where bolts are heavily corroded, there can be uncertainty about true bolt strengths and operators are faced with choices over hot bolting or shutdown or postponing the decision on how they will address the issue. This problem now has a solution in the form of Xtegrity™ which provides a means of restoring the flange joint integrity back to its original state in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

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Xtegrity™ takes away the need to remove corroded bolts by "replacing" them with a new set of bolts which clamp round the outside of the flange and are then held in place by a floating frame. It can therefore replicate the same bolt size, quantity and specification used during the initial flange joint assembly. Installation of the system is simple and quick, with a typical four bolt flange joint taking less than one hour to set-up. Taking away the need to remove old bolts also reduces the risk of flange joint leakage. The system can be used on carbon or stainless steel, duplex or cunifer flange joints.

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Xtegrity has significant operational and commercial benefits. It can be used in situations where alternative solutions cannot be used, for example on high pressure, larger diameter flange joints. In these circumstances the only current solution is to carry out maintenance during shutdown resulting in potential loss of production and revenue. By effectively providing a 'replacement' set of bolts around the flange joint it also provides peace of mind to integrity engineers about the reliability of their bolted joints.

Xtegrity - Winner of the Grampian Award for Innovation

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